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We specialize in the administration of trusts and guardianships for minors and adults with disabilities. We advocate for each and every client with expertise and compassion.

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Our unique capabilities, knowledge of government systems, and dedicated team shape our position as a leading provider of special needs trust and guardianship administration.

Midland Trust Company has extensive experience providing management of trusts, guardianships, and estates with compassion and understanding. We work with families and representatives alike to find solutions for each situation and its unique circumstances. Along with our competitive fees, we deliver one-on-one service with a dedicated trust officer and administrator and help identify cost savings with outside vendors. We also provide custom investment solutions and will help create a plan to reach the desired financial objectives.

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Special needs child smilingEstablish or Administer a Special Needs Trust

Protect the current or future public benefits of you, your loved one or client by partnering with a professional corporate trustee to administer a special needs trust or supplemental needs trust. Midland Trust Company acts as a fiduciary for these trusts that protect the assets of individuals with disabilities, while maximizing their eligibility for public benefit programs.

Designating Midland Trust Company as corporate trustee will help protect the assets in your trust and ensure recipients use them according to how the trust was setup. Areas of expertise also include administering First Party/Self-Settled/OBRA '93 trusts which the individual's assets establish and Third Party trusts that another person creates and funds for someone else's use.

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We pride ourselves on a person first approach. After meeting and reviewing the current situation and future goals, we coordinate communication between family, accountants, governmental agencies, care managers and other key players to help ensure each persons financially and personal goals are met.

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Set Up or Administer an Estate Guardianship

Work together to preserve and protect your loved one's or your client's property and money with Midland Trust Company's guardianship administration services, also known as conservatorship administration. Our team can act as a guardian for an estate of a minor or adult with disabilities.

This can protect the assets of a minor, person with disabilities or person otherwise unfit to handle their finances. Our team of professional guardianship administrators deliver value and service through experience, compassion, and understanding.

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couple looking over trust document with trust officerEstablish or Administer a Trust

Manage and preserve the wealth and assets you, a loved one, or your client has accumulated with the help of a professional trustee and estate administrator. We promise to manage the investments and distribution of assets and funds as the grantor sees fit with any of these trusts. We can also prepare tax documents and other complicated paperwork.

Examples of trusts we have experience in administering include:

  • Settlement Fund Management Trusts (SFMT)
  • Settlement Trusts
  • Medical Reversionary Trusts
  • Medicare Set Aside Trust (MSAT)
  • Irrevocable Trust, Revocable Trust (Living Trust)
  • Marital Trust
  • Bypass Trust
  • Generation Skipping Trusts
  • Charitable Trusts and Private Foundations

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We seek creative solutions for every client's particular situation - regardless of account size. We work in tandem with our client's attorneys and other trusted advisors to ensure each estate plan is carried out in the most effective and efficient manner possible. 

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man holding hands over family cutout in show of protectionPlan or Administer an Estate

Partner with Midland Trust company to help plan for the disposition of assets and settlement of an estate through the following services:

  • Estate settlements and distribution: An objective executor can more easily manage an estate per the decedent's wishes. Having a third party take care of distribution can prevent strain among beneficiaries.
  • Will probation: Probate is the legal process that confirms the validity of a will after one's death and allows beneficiaries to dispute it.
  • Collection of assets and information: The executor must take inventory of all assets to prepare for distribution.
  • Determine estate taxes, claims and debts: A Midland Trust Company executor can understand complicated tax documents and ensure the estate pays only what is necessary. They can also manage debts and claims and ensure they're handled or paid.
  • Manage estate investments: We can withdraw or transfer any investments the decedent made and include them among the assets.

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A Customized Approach for Each Situation

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Attorneys and Consultants

Our team has spent years working with attorneys, consultants and other advisors to determine the best courses of action for our mutual clients.

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Beneficiaries and Families

You can have peace of mind knowing your loved one's assets are in capable hands. Let us help you through this challenging time.

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The Midland Trust Company Advantage

We pride ourselves on service and deliver value through experience, objectivity and compassion. We’re dedicated to our clients and advocate for trust beneficiaries and their families with empathy and respect. We understand the unique circumstances and challenges you’re facing and can help find solutions and alleviate stress. Midland Trust Company can serve as your fiduciary as we have for so many others.

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When you, your loved one or your client needs assistance with trust or estate services, call Midland Trust Company for help.”


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