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We provide guardianship/conservatorship administration services to preserve and protect assets of minors or adults with disabilities.

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What Is a Guardian or Conservator of the Estate?

A guardian of the estate or property, sometimes referred to as a conservator of the estate or property, is a person or entity entrusted with the care and assets of a minor or legally incompetent adult. A court appoints the guardian and supervises for as long as the guardianship continues. Midland Trust Company has a long history of acting as a guardian/conservator of the estate for minors or adults with disabilities to preserve and protect a ward's assets.

guardianship iconThe Main Types of Guardianships

There are two main types of court-ordered guardianships:

  • Guardianship of the Estate or Property: Midland Trust Company frequently serves as guardian of the estate. We take on the responsibility of managing finances of a minor or adult with disabilities. We handle all necessary court accountings and filings, taxes, and ongoing budgeting to support the person with a disability.
  • Guardianship of the Person: A guardian of the person is responsible for the health and care decisions for a minor or adult person with a disability. While Midland Trust Company does not serve as guardian of the person, we work closely with these individuals to ensure that the ward’s needs are met.

At Midland Trust Company, we have years of experience administering court-ordered guardianships/conservatorships. We take a personalized approach to our services, and we handle every interaction with compassion and understanding.

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When Is a Guardianship of the Estate Necessary?

Guardianships/conservatorships may be necessary for several reasons. Some examples include:

  • A minor has received a significant amount of money through an inheritance or court settlement.
  • An adult has become unable to handle their finances due to injury, illness, or age-related condition.
  • Minors or incompetent adults receiving proceeds from a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit

When you partner with Midland Trust Company, you'll gain peace of mind knowing your client or your loved one is in capable hands. We also offer competitive fees and do everything we can to reduce costs to maximize savings.

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Our Guardianship Administration Services

As guardian/conservator of the estate or property, we prudently manage your loved one’s affairs through the following services:



  • Establish a monthly budget
  • Pay all bills and ongoing expenses
  • Determine overall cash flow needs and living expenses
  • Coordinate medical insurance payments
  • Pay ongoing medical expenses
  • Prepare annual court accountings
  • Prepare state and federal income tax returns
  • Invest and manage all assets, including real estate
  • Investigate and pursue all available public benefits (e.g., Social Security, Medicaid)
  • Assist in establishing Special Needs or OBRA ‘93 trusts to protect current or future eligibility for SSI and Medicaid benefits
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Frequently Asked Questions

A guardianship of the estate for a minor with no disabilities ends when they turn 18. An estate guardianship for an incompetent adult ends when they no longer have a disability or after their death.

This varies state to state. A guardian of the estate or property, sometimes referred to as a conservator of the estate or property, is a person or entity entrusted with the care and assets of a minor or legally incompetent adult.

Anyone over the age of 18 who is mentally and legally competent can be a guardian. Other state-specific stipulations may apply. A banking institution or other entity can serve as a guardian of the estate but not the person.

A limited guardianship is used when an individual with disabilities can make some decisions regarding their person or estate. A limited guardian only makes decisions about personal care or finances that a person with disabilities is unable to make as determined by the court.

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The Midland Trust Company Advantage
Midland Trust Company delivers value and service through experience, objectivity and compassion. Choose our services and gain the following:
  • Expertise & Dedication
  • Compassion & Understanding
  • Personalized Service
  • Spanish-Speaking Administrators
  • Investment Options
  • Government Benefit Programs
  • Experience
  • Cost Savings

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