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When you choose to partner with Midland Trust Company, we'll assign your case a personal trust officer and administrator, so you can communicate with someone you know every time. You can have peace of mind knowing our trust officers and administrators understand the complexities of your situation and are here to understand and support you, your loved one, or your client. The Midland Trust Advantage includes:

  • Government benefit programs: We have in-depth knowledge of navigating programs like Medicare, Medicaid and SSI to get the most out of them.
  • Cost savings: We negotiate with third-party vendors to get you the best prices on supplies like medications and assistive devices.
  • Investment options: We use a client-centered approach to design investment portfolios that work for you.
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A Custom Approach for Every Situation

Attorneys and Consultants

We have years of expertise collaborating with advisors and attorneys. Together, we can help guide our clients through one of the most challenging times in their lives.

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Beneficiaries and Families

Our compassionate team can help you and your loved one work through challenging decisions. We'll stay objective and help everyone involved understand the process and ensure your loved one receives the care they deserve.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Midland Trust Company is a full-service trust company offering estate planning advice and administration, along with customized trust management. Midland Trust Company also provides in-house investment management services. Midland Trust Company specializes in administering guardianships/conservatorships and special needs/supplemental needs trusts. Connect with us today to learn how we can advocate for you or your client's success in any of these areas.

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Special Needs Trust Administration

Sometimes an individual with disabilities needs to protect their public benefits, such as Medicaid. The team of professional trust officers and administrators at Midland Trust Company have in-depth knowledge of government benefit programs so that your loved one or your client's assets stay protected. Whether you're an attorney looking to partner to protect your client's public benefits or a loved one needing help establishing or administering a special needs trust, sometimes known as a supplemental needs trust, let the team at Midland Trust Company help.

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Estate Guardian Administration

As guardians or conservators of the estate, we prudently manage the affairs of minors or adults with disabilities to preserve and protect their assets. We're here to work together to protect the assets of minors or adults with disabilities. We can help manage your love one's or your client's affairs by managing budgets and expenses, preparing court accountings and tax returns, investing and managing assets, and more.

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Traditional Trust Administration

Trust administration can involve many things, including investment management, as well as distribution requests. Staying on top of your assets can ensure everything stays up-to-date and there are no surprises for beneficiaries, such as a hefty tax bill. As your corporate trustee, Midland Trust Company can:

  • Distribute your assets to beneficiaries based on your wishes
  • Keep confidential information out of the public eye
  • Prepare tax-related documents

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Estate Executor Services

Managing your estate can be complicated, so many people look to Midland Trust Company for help. When you appoint us to be your personal representative or executor, we'll help you with the following:

  • Probating your will
  • Resolving and paying taxes
  • Collecting and distributing assets
  • Determining and settling debts and claims against the estate

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Connect with A Fiduciary Near You

Midland Trust Company offers trust services across the United States, with primary offices in Chicago and New York. Our team of more than 30 accomplished, credentialed professionals provides prompt and personalized service. We also employ multilingual staff for support. If you’re in the greater Chicago or New York area, schedule a visit at a Midland Trust Company office today or contact us online to connect. 

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If you're ready to put your trust or estate in the hands of professionals, schedule an appointment with Midland Trust Company. Find your nearest location and call today. We look forward to serving you. 

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