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What We Offer

Estate Services

When you appoint Midland to be your executor or personal representative, a professional team of specialists will apply skill, sensitivity and discretion in helping you plan for the disposition of your assets and the settlement of your estate through the following services: 

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Probate your will



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Collect assets and information



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Determine debts and claims against the estate

assestment management

Manage all elements of the estate, including investments



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Analyze and resolve time-consuming and complex tax issues

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Determine and arrange payment of all taxes



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Distribute the estate

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Midland Trust Company Advantage


Midland Trust Company delivers value and service through experience, objectivity and compassion.

Choose our services and gain the following:

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• Expertise & Dedication

• Compassion & Understanding

• Personalized Service

• Spanish-Speaking Administrators


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• Investment Options

• Government Benefit Programs

• Experience

• Cost Savings


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