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What Is a Trust Administrator or Corporate Trustee?

A trust refers to a legally binding agreement where a party transfers their assets to another party, a trustee. The trustee then manages, protects, and distributes those assets according to that agreement. This is called trust administration.


Midland Trust Company can serve as your corporate trustee to administer a variety of trust services with skill, discretion, and compassion.

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Midland Trust Company has a team of over 30 accomplished, credentialed professionals with the experience to guide you through this challenging time. We have multilingual staff members to provide clear communication.

Here, we know that every trust is different, so we take the time to work with you and develop a customized trust management plan that caters to your specific situation. By designating Midland to serve as your corporate trustee, you’ll benefit from a wide range of trust services, including:

  • Management, investment, and distribution of assets: However large or small, we care for your assets with prudence and responsibility. From stocks to properties, we can protect your assets.
  • Distribution of trust funds in accordance with your wishes: As an objective entity, we can distribute assets how the grantor directs us to without fear of damaging close relationships.
  • Protection of confidential information: Your privacy and security are vital to us. We treat our client information as sensitive and maintain the highest level of confidentiality.
  • Preparation of tax-related documents: Trust taxation is often complicated and challenging to navigate. With our years of practice, we help with a wide range of tax duties including filing, reporting, and distribution strategies.
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Some Examples of Trusts We Can Administer:

• Revocable living trusts

• Family and marital trusts

• Irrevocable trusts

• Charitable remainder trusts and foundations

• Guardianship

• Special Needs and Settlement Protection trusts

Trust Services FAQs

Although it may seem to make sense to leave your trust in the hands of a family member or loved one, this can cause personal and relational strain and stress. Most people do not have the expertise, time, or desire to manage a trust at the highest level. The role of trustee should not be taken lightly given the complex responsibilities involved. At Midland Trust Company, we remain unbiased and objective and have the proper skills, training, knowledge, and resources available to serve as trustee.

Not necessarily, but trusts aren’t only for wealthy or intricate estates. If you have a plan as to how and when your assets are distributed after you die and want to ensure it happens, you may consider establishing a trust. If you want to protect your assets, reduce taxes, avoid probate, or provide a vehicle for charitable gifting, a trust may make sense.

There are several different types of trusts, so the trust agreement will determine what you’re entitled to, who has authority to withdraw, and any other rules or provisions surrounding distributions. A common example includes age provisions when assets are received at specific ages. Please note that distributing funds or assets from a trust is not the same as taking money out of a bank account.

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About Midland Trust Company

Midland Trust Company delivers personalized service that's unbiased and empathetic. Our years of industry experience can afford you some peace of mind, despite the challenging circumstances you may face. You are in capable hands when it comes to the complex and often frustrating areas of managing or administering your or your loved one's trust.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to personalized service that uses a collaborative approach to discover creative solutions for our clients. Whatever your trust needs are, we look forward to helping and serving you.

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