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Considering trust options can be overwhelming. We’re here to help and lead with compassion, empathy and respect.

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Establish a Special Needs Trust


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Protect the current or future public benefits of you or your loved one.

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Set Up a Guardianship


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Preserve and protect the money and property of you or a loved one.

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Learn about Trust or Estate Services


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Manage and preserve the wealth and assets you or a loved one has accumulated.

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Our purpose is to care for what’s most important – you and your loved ones.

We understand your circumstances are unique to you and your situation. We want you to feel comfortable throughout the process – and then we’ll get to work. We’ll put together a plan and work with you every step of the way, ensuring needs are addressed.

  • We work with outside vendors to reduce cost of items such as medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and handicapped accessible vehicles.
  • We are experienced in coordinating home modifications and purchases.
  • We prepare annual court accountings.
  • We provide access to a pre-paid debit card for ease in purchasing services or items.

You’ll have a team to rely on – a dedicated Trust Officer and Administrator. We strive to earn your trust and will make every effort to ensure you or your loved one is protected.

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We compiled a list of FAQs from prospective clients to help.

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special needs iconSpecial/Supplemental Needs Trusts (SNTs) Administration

Sometimes a person with disabilities needs to protect their public benefits, such as Medicaid. Establishing an SNT provides a ‘safe harbor’ for assets and are therefore not counted when determining eligibility for public benefits. Assets in the trusts are used to pay for special needs that government programs don’t cover.

There are two types of SNTs:

  • First Party SNT (also referred to as Self-Settled or OBRA ’93) – may be established with assets of the person with disabilities (typically proceeds from a lawsuit)
  • Third Party SNT – created and funded with assets of an individual other than the person with disabilities

Contact us today to learn how we can advocate for you or a loved one’s success.

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guardianship iconGuardianship & Conservatorship Administration

We can act as a guardian/conservator of the estate for you or a loved one to help preserve and protect assets. We can help if you or a loved one is a:

  • Minors or adults with disabilities receiving proceeds from a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit
  • Minor receiving an inheritance as a results of their parents’ untimely death
  • Adult adjudicated as unable to handle their financial affairs

You’ll find reassurance that you’re cared for throughout the process as we work to preserve and protect the money and property of you or a loved one.

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trust and estate iconTrust & Estate Administration

Appointing Midland Trust Company as the administrator of your trust or estate means you’ll be getting experience, compassion, and guidance as we work to preserve the wealth and assets you or a loved one have accumulated.

Our team of experts can help you by:

  • Acting as administrators of a trust for you or a loved one
  • Acting as executor or personal representative for an estate
  • Providing experienced estate planning advice

Our team can help administer traditional trusts or help settle estates. Learn more about our Trust & Estate administration services.

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Midland Trust Company delivers value and service through experience, objectivity and compassion.

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• Expertise & Dedication

• Compassion & Understanding

• Personalized Service

• Spanish-Speaking Administrators


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• Investment Options

• Government Benefit Programs

• Experience

• Cost Savings


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