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What We Offer

We can act as guardian/conservator of the estate.

Midland Trust Company administers court-ordered guardianships/conservatorships for minors or disabled adults to preserve and protect a ward's assets.

Some examples include:

  • Minors or disabled adults receiving proceeds from a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit
  • Minors receiving an inheritance as a result of their parents’ untimely death
  • Adults judged as unable to handle their financial affairs

Our Services

As guardian/conservator of the estate, we prudently manage your loved one’s affairs through the following services:

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Establish a monthly budget


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Pay all bills and ongoing expenses


assestment management

Determine overall cash flow needs and living expenses


business succession

Coordinate medical insurance payments


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Pay ongoing medical expenses

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Prepare annual court accountings


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Prepare state and federal income tax returns


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Invest and manage all assets, including real estate


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Investigate and pursue all available public benefits (e.g., Social Security, Medicaid)


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Assist in establishing special needs or OBRA trusts to protect current or future eligibility for SSI and Medicaid benefits

Midland Trust Company Advantage


Midland Trust Company delivers value and service through experience, objectivity and compassion.

Choose our services and gain the following:

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• Expertise & Dedication

• Compassion & Understanding

• Personalized Service

• Spanish-Speaking Administrators


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• Investment Options

• Government Benefit Programs

• Experience

• Cost Savings


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