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What We Offer

What’s investment management?

Midland Trust Company clients have access to custom investment solutions provided by Midland Wealth Management. Sit down with us and let’s talk through your needs and goals. We’ll help create a plan within your risk tolerance to reach your desired financial objectives. 

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We understand that life is not one size fits all and neither are your finances. Everyone has their own roadmap. 

You may find a similar philosophy or process elsewhere, but with Midland Wealth Management, you’ll have access to an entire team with deep expertise.


Let’s build trust, then your portfolio.

We serve in a fiduciary capacity, not just suitability. We have your best interest in mind at all times. The better you do, the better we do. We act in utmost good faith at all times and provide full and fair disclosure. We have a transparent fee structure and do not have proprietary offerings. We put in writing a shared understanding of how your relationship will be managed.

Midland Trust Company Advantage


Midland Trust Company delivers value and service through experience, objectivity and compassion.

Choose our services and gain the following:

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• Expertise & Dedication

• Compassion & Understanding

• Personalized Service

• Spanish-Speaking Administrators


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• Investment Options

• Government Benefit Programs

• Experience

• Cost Savings


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