Current Clients

If you are satisfied that your trustee is doing a good job, then enjoy the knowledge that someone cared enough to consider your financial well-being. If you have concerns or are unsure about what is being done for you, contact us for a confidential discussion or review. There is no obligation and we keep information private at all times.

We use a ‘PPP’ approach. First, we determine if there are people, property, or pets that need immediate care. Once we have accepted office as trustee, a trust administrator will work with your attorney and family as needed to collect the trust assets, pay bills, make tax decisions, and complete all the other day-to-day activities necessary to protect, preserve, invest, and distribute the trust - all in strict accordance to the instructions you have given.

The length of time to administer and close an estate varies depending on the complexity of the estate and how your estate plan is designed. There are also federal and state rules that govern the process.