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Who We Are

When it comes to choosing a trustee to administer your loved one’s Special Needs or other Settlement Trust, there are many factors to consider:

  • Does the trustee have expertise in administering settlement trusts?
  • Are the fees competitive?
  • Will they be reachable and responsive when circumstances change or unforeseen events occur?

With Midland Trust Company you can be confident in answering "yes" to all these questions and more. Choose our services to gain the following advantages: 

Expertise & Dedication

We focus on serving the needs of personal injury victims and their families. Concentrating on one area allows us to be responsive and focused on providing best-in-class service to our beneficiaries and their families. 


Compassion & Understanding

We recognize personal injury victims' expectations differ from those of wealth management clients, and our administrators have in-depth experience handling their unique needs and circumstances. 


Personalized Service

Each trust is assigned a dedicated administrator so the beneficiary and their family speak with a person they know, not a random call center representative. 


Peace of Mind

Knowing your loved one is in capable hands means having peace of mind. 


Spanish Speaking Administrators

We have administrators fluent in both written and spoken Spanish. 


Investment Options

We take a disciplined, client centered approach to investment selection, designing portfolios to meet specific Beneficiary needs. 


Experienced in Government Benefit Programs

We understand government benefit programs such as SSI, Medicaid and Medicare and help your loved one derive the most value from these programs. 


Cost Savings

We negotiate with outside vendors to reduce the cost of items such as medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and handicapped-accessible vehicles. 


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